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Equipment & Fragments

Uncommon Gear
Legendary Weapon
Rare Gear


Gunfire AVAX players are given a default initial weapon to participate in the game for free.
Weapons with higher rarity have greater base-stats compare to those with lower rarity.

Armor & Gear

Each Hero can equip 01 Armor and 02 Gears that boost the hero's stats:
  • Armor improves a Hero's HP and one stat/perk defense.
  • Gear enhances damage against one kind of enemy: ground/fly/melee/range.


Fragments are items that can not be equipped to the hero characters but can be used to boost the stats and levels of Equipment. There are 4 types of Fragments:
  • Material: NFTs fragments used to increase the level of equipment.
  • HERO Shard: used to level up a hero character from 9 to 10, and from 19 to 20.
  • HERO Medal: used to evolve a hero's star rank.
  • Hero Element: used to increase a specific stat of hero characters.