Gameplay Enhancement Features

Player Home Screen in Gunfire AVAX


The core energy that players consume when playing Stage Mode in Gunfire AVAX. Stamina is regenerated with time.


Gold is the in-game currency drops from playing Gunfire AVAX. GOLD has some specific use cases:
  • Fuse
  • Upgrade
  • Evolve
  • Unlock Talents
GOLD can only be minted from playing activities of Gunfire AVAX players.
GOLD can not be withdrawn from Gunfire AVAX
GOLD is not an in-game token of Gunfire AVAX

Endless Mode Tickets

Endless Mode Tickets are the battle pass for players to participate in the Endless Mode tournaments, where all the earning activities happens.

In-game Perks

Special Perks are attributes that allow players to have some specific benefits while playing Gunfire AVAX. For example:
  • Double Bullets: This perk adds 1 more bullet each time the weapon fire.
  • Heal on kill: This perk adds health to the hero character after an enemy has been eliminated.
Special Perks at the starting point of the game


Talents are perks that can be unlock using GOLD. Unlocked Talents are stored in the Talents section in the Gunfire AVAX game app. Unlocked Talents are automatically applied to the hero character at the beginning of the battle.
Talents can be unlocked using GOLD