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Hero Characters

Players can apply Hero Skin and Weapon Skin
When starting Gunfire Hero, players will be given one of the 11 available characters.
Each character has 6-star rankings (range of 0 to 5) and 80 levels (from 1 to 80).
  • Players can increase their hero's star rank by investing in-hero shards and medals.
  • Heroes can be leveled up by using in-game tokens and hero medals.
A hero with the highest level/star rank has a better chance of winning.
The upgrading process will be repeated until the hero reaches the highest star rank or level, at which point all of his stats will be improved significantly.


You can unlock more characters or change the appearance of your equipment by collecting Skin or Skin Points. These items drop when players participate in either Stage Mode or Endless Mode of Gunfire AVAX.