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GUNX token

GUNX is the official token of Gunfire AVAX project

Funding strategy

The liquidity for GUNX will not be provided at the launching phase. The value of GUNX depends on the growth of GUNX holders and the number of Gunfire players. Thus, GUNX liquidity will be provided at the later phase of the Gunfire ecosystem to create a sustainable development path for the token and the project

Minting mechanism

GUNX is minted through the engagement of the users with Gunfire AVAX. There 4 ways to possess GUNX:
Mint method
Refer friend
A invites B
+10 GUNX for A + 6 GUNX for B
B invites C
+10 GUNX for B + 6 GUNX for C + 2 GUNX for A
Play PvE
Consume 45 stamina = +1 GUNX
Play Tournament
Consume 1 ticket = +1 GUNX
Purchase Chest
Purchase 1 chest = +1 GUNX
Partner airdrop & marketing airdrop
Depend on marketing campaign

Staking mechanism

GUNX staking is a mechanism to distribute the benefits fairly among the holders. The expected benefits of GUNX holders are: % revenue share, DAO voting, access to special events, …
The GUNX staking mechanism is under development and are subjected to changes to quickly adapt with the market conditions and the development status of the whole Gunfire ecosystem


Q2 - 2022
  • Release GUNX wiki
  • Release Minting mechanism
  • Release GUNX online interface
  • Initiate Airdrop activities
Q3 - 2022
  • Release tokenomics
  • Release in-game interface
  • Initiate Airdrop activities
Q4 - 2022
  • Release multi-chain GUNX
  • Provide liquidity & list on DEX
  • Release staking mechanism
  • Release DAO voting mechanism