Let’s introduce you to a brand new #FREESTART casual game built on the Avalanche chain - GUNFIRE AVAX 🔫 🔥
Gunfire AVAX is a combat shooter game with automated firing mechanics. Players only need to manage the character's movement, the shooting is totally automated, and thus the monsters will have nowhere to hide.
Players in Gunfire AVAX will take on the role of a hero armed with a powerful gun. Your aim is to fight dangerous enemies while boosting your energy by collecting in-game goods, earning tokens, and improving your hero and equipment.
Gunfire AVAX players can make a profit in a few ways:
  • They can earn award prizes once they win the endless mode/ weekly event/ each stage.
  • They can upgrade in-game items’ rarity levels and sell them on the marketplace at higher prices.
Gunfire AVAX are available on:
  • Mobile devices with Android operating system
  • Android emulators on personal computers
Last modified 1yr ago