Starting from season 15 of the Endless Tournament, we will have a new feature updated: MULTI LEADERBOARD
Every rule will remain the same in season 14, but there is a slight change:
For the leaderboard, players will be separated into 2 groups: Silver and Bronze and will compete to the top against other players of the same rank.
In season 14, all players will start with rank BRONZE. The top 10 players of season 14 will be upgraded to rank SILVER.
This means that all players, newbies or oldies, will have the same win rate and a chance to get amazing rewards.
Based on the results of Season 14, we will divide players into two leaderboards that correspond to their current rank at the beginning of season 15
Likewise, the outcomes of season 15 will determine the ranking you can enter in the next season, season 16
The table below provides a basic comparison of the two ranks:
Last modified 1yr ago