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Stage Mode

Different World Maps in Gunfire AVAX Stage Mode
Stage Mode is also known as the Campaign Mode in the Gunfire AVAX game app. There are 8 stages, or so called "World Maps" with increasing difficulties to unlock.
What players spend to participate in the Stage Mode?
  • Stamina: The core energy that allows you to play Gunfire AVAX. Stamina is regenerated with time.
What players earn in the Stage Mode?
  • EXP: Experience points to upgrade your hero character.
  • Stamina: Regenerate stamina points.
  • GOLD: The in-game currency used to upgrade items and hero characters.
  • Material: NFTs fragments that are used to upgrade items.
  • Hero Shards: NFTs fragments used to unlock and upgrade the level of hero characters.
  • Hero Medals: NFTs fragments used to evolve hero characters.
  • Hero Elements: NFTs fragments used to increase specific stats of hero characters.
How to claim earnings from Stage Mode?
  • Claim in-game (require no fee to claim): EXP, Stamina, GOLD, Material.
  • Claim on-chain (require $AVAX fee to claim): Hero Shards, Hero Medals, Hero Elements can only be claimed on-chain in the format of Pending Rewards.
After completing claim on-chain transactions, your items will be transferred into your in-game Loadout.
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